Thursday, November 20, 2008

Inaugural Post ... and links to FREE pet stuff.

by GERTIE and Gertie's mumma

"Gertie" is a dog -- a beagle. She was adopted from the local shelter several years back, and she's old, about 13. Gertie has some aches and pains and other issues that come with age, but like many of us humans, she tries to live life to the fullest, in denial that she's not still a young pup.

Gertie is wise and ambitious, and loves to eat ("highly food motivated" is how the vet puts it). She sleeps a lot but still finds time to play and get into trouble.

The vets c
an tell that Gertie has been a mother MANY times (before we adopted her). To this day, if we put her stuffed animals in the basket to wash, she lifts them out one by one and carries them back to her bed. Like all good mothers, and a beagle to boot, "Gertie's Nose Knows..." a thing or two about life.

I'd like to think I know more than a dog, even Gertie. So together, we'd like to share a few of our thoughts and experiences (and secrets) through our Blog.

First things first... Gertie's gotta eat!

As a senior girl, who needs a little extra something to keep my bladder in shape, my vet prescribes Hill's Prescription Diet, c/d for Canines. It's delicious and nutritious! Hills makes prescription foods for dog and cats with all kind of special needs.
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Here's a few of my favorite snacks...
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[It's true -- it's made of human grade ingredients -- and it tastes really good.]

Other sources for FREE STUFF for pets:
Including: Free Pedigree food for adopting a dog, Free dog shampoo, Free cat chow (I have cat siblings -- I'm not selfish) and more.

Want even more? Search Google [
"free sample" dog] or ["free sample" cat]
Thanks for stopping by.

[PLEASE NOTE: the above listed websites and/or products are not endorsed by this Blog. Though we've used the products mentioned, every pet has different preferences and health needs. Please use you own judgment or consult your vet.]