Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Shine A Light on small biz. AMEX sponsored -- up to $100,000 in grants. Please vote for Gertie Gear.

PLEASE help me out -- take a couple minutes to register, then endorse (vote for) my small biz Gertie Gear in the AMEX Shine A Light contest.
The link to my profile/nomination story:

Top 3 finalists get $10,000 grant (determined by judges).
Winner gets $50k grant + $50k marketing support (by vote in the second round).
Endorsements for the first round are DUE by SEPT 13

If you have trouble with the site, there are some helpful tips below.


When you go to my story endorsement page, and click the ENDORSE button, it should look like this:

After you click the word "register" (or "login" if already registered),
fill in all of the required info,
check the "I accept..." box,
enter the characters shown to prove you are a human, not a computer,
then click SUBMIT button to save it,
(you should now be registered)

Finally, back on my page, again click the ENDORSE button -- it should change to this:
If you see this, it's done!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Etsy Beagles Team spotlight

Gertie Gear pet air beds in Etsy Beagles Team spotlight. Read the interview : http://bit.ly/p7pgy

Monday, May 11, 2009

Great Mantras ... of Mom

by Gertie's mumma

Being that Gertie was a rescued stray, we don't know much about her past. However, Gertie's vet says that she was a mom many times over. Apparently you can tell by the shape/condition of her uterus. Still, you can just tell that Gertie was a mom by little things she does. When her younger sister, Jackie, is sleeping, sometimes Gertie spoons up to her. And when Gertie toys are put in the laundry basket to be washed, she takes them out one by one and carries them to safety back to her bed. She usually rescues Monkey and Frog first, but she doesn't leave any of her "children" behind.

As Gertie's surrogate mumma, I do the best I can to keep her safe, healthy and happy as well. Not just by creating Gertie Gear™ pet air beds so she sleeps comfortably, but by making sure she eats right (and not too much), takes her meds, and stays out of trouble as much as possible. This is not easy with a mischievous beagle. Gertie's Nose Knows… how to get into trouble, and anything with food in it. Still, she is loved and appreciated for all of her qualities, good and bad.

I attribute my patience and appreciation for Gertie's hijinks to my mom and the phrases I've heard her say to me and/or any one of my five siblings over and over again.

Here are some of my favorite Mantras of Mom:
  • "Penny Wise, Pound Foolish"
  • "Coupons are like free money; and you don't pay taxes on it either."
  • "You only get 24 hrs in the day, just like everyone else.
  • "Don't try to make it on wheels."
  • "There's either diapers in your house or there aren't. It doesn't matter if it's 1 kid, 2 or more, you've got diapers!
  • "We're paying for you to go to school, so you're going to go." (unless really sick)
  • to the school office, "Hi, 'kid name' claims to be sick today and won't be in class."
  • "You write the note you need and (if approved), I'll sign it."
  • "If a C (or B) was all you were capable of, I'd accept that, but if you can do better, that's what I expect."
  • "Rated 'R' ... is for 'raunchy'."
  • "We don't need cable. There's enough crap on tv for free. I'm not going to pay for it."
  • "Why do people say, 'sleep together'. It's not like anyone is 'sleeping'."
  • "M.S." (which doesn't mean "Main Squeeze", but instead "Main Screw")
  • "The health dept is on (street). It's wrong & I'm not taking you, but if you think you're grown up enough for sex, you'd better at least be responsible enough and smart enough not to get pregnant (or an STD)."
  • "Here's the recipe, this is a tsp, a tble, (...etc) I'm here if you have questions."
  • "That's full of EMPTY CALORIES."
  • "It's my anti-theft device." (re a sticky note on the dash that reads, "need gas")
  • "Love comes in all forms."
  • "I don't love you equally; I love you uniquely."
  • "A mother is only as happy as her saddest child."
and my personal favorite…
  • "When you no longer need me, I will have done my job."
Cheers to all moms and the Great things they do!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Earth Day in HOLLYWOOD 2009 -- Pt 1

PART 1 — "Gertie" Connects with
"Sir Winston" in New York

BACKGROUND: You may not know this, but I am a VERY special dog. My tendency to rustle up my bedding and occasionally (ok, frequently) pee where I sleep may be frustrating or even annoying to some, but to my mumma, it is one of my most endearing qualities. When I wet the bed, mumma jumps up and down waving her arms as if she were dancing. Then, she sweeps me up, carries me to the door and sets me out on the patio so I don't have to tackle the big step and hurt my back. She even cheers me on in a big voice while I stroll to the back yard.

Until a year and a half ago, mumma would wash my entire bed almost every day or two until it got lumps or fell apart. Then she would rush out and buy a new bed for me -- almost every month. Often, we'd have more than one bed, because those stuffed/foam beds took a few days to air-dry and I need support and comfort when I sleep! But then, I got the best bed EVER ... soft, supportive, conforming to my body so I don't need to fluff it up. Best of all, mumma MADE IT -- JUST for ME and even named it after me ... "Gertie Gear™" pet air beds.

Mumma is not only smart, but is a creative designer as well. She's always on the computer with the apple on it. Mmmm, apples are yummy, especially the "pink lady" apples mumma gets from the market. Oh, sorry, I got off track. What's even better about my air bed is that there are fashionable fabric covers for it -- lots of colors, designs and fabrics. Mumma changes them often, in a flash, and throws them in the basket for laundry day.
Anyway, about a month ago, mumma was checking her email and found a note from Sir Winston's (Boston Terrier) mumma in the great state of New York. A few emails and phone calls back and forth, and an introduction to Brina's (French Bulldog) mumma in glittery L.A., and my "Gertie Gear™" pet air beds are going HOLLYWOOD! Wahoo!!!

That's right!!!! Gertie Gear air beds made the “A-list” for Distinctive Assets’ “Earth Day in Hollywood — Go Green!” gift bags, presented to some of the most eco-conscious celebrities.

As spokesdog and inspiration for the air bed design, I'm proud to share the style and comfort of my line of beds with the following celebrities and their pets: Drew Barrymore and Flossie, Ellen DeGeneres and her lovely pack, Jake Gyllenhaal’s Boo and Atticus, Eva Longoria and Jinxie, Bill Maher who has two rescues, Kathy Griffin’s Chance and Pom Pom, Ricky Martin’s many dogs, Jeremy Piven’s Bulldog, Alicia Silverstone and her rescues, and Sting’s Sniggers, and MORE!

I hope the celebrities and their humans like the beds! I wouldn't trade mine for the world! Well of course they'll like them. Lots of my friends, and even strangers like them … cousins "Angel" (Schnauzer) and "Harry" (Golden Retriever), and "Achilles" (Pomeranian) next door. Why, that nice lady in Australia wants four of them. And I can't forget that cute mitten-handed feline, "Muffin." Even our favorite vet bought one for "Blaze." And if they DO like them it could mean big things … lots of Gertie Gear air beds for LOTS of dogs and cats all over. Most importantly, THAT means more special treats for me! We have to tell everyone!!!!

Good thing I have "The Dude" (Yorkie) on my side. His mumma works in PR, (that's biz speak for public relations). She know's what to do to get people talkin'! Meanwhile, I gotta get mumma off that computer, and making more beds!!! Aaarrroooo! Wish me luck!!!

Veterinarians agree that Gertie Gear air beds provide orthopedic benefits. Dr. Cox, DVM of Southpointe Veterinary Hospital of Allen Park, MI, an accredited member of the AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) says, “I would recommend the bed, especially for senior pets. I even bought one for my own dog.”

SUSTAINABLE (Earth & Animal Friendly): Gertie Gear air beds hold their shape and support — they don't compress/decompose like most other beds. They take less energy to maintain and clean — usually just wash the slipcover. Commercial quality thread, zippers and elastic make them longer lasting. Many of the fabrics used are made of cotton or other natural fibers. All covers, including the protective canvas, are machine-washable and hand-crafted in Michigan by American workers.

Gertie Gear supports the efforts of Animal Rescue New Orleans (ARNO), an all-volunteer organization formed by first-responders after Katrina, in their continued commitment to homeless animals and humans in the area who cannot provide for their pets, by pledging $1 for each air bed set (and select fashion covers) sold — campaign launches on Earth Day, April 22, 2009.

For more information, please visit www.GertieGear.com and/or www.gertiegearstore.etsy.com
OR PHONE: (734) 326-1569
OR EMAIL: jking@gertiegear.com

CLICK TO SEE THE OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE: http://www.prlog.org/10220182-gertie-gear-pet-air-beds-go-green-hollywood.html

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Inaugural Post ... and links to FREE pet stuff.

by GERTIE and Gertie's mumma

"Gertie" is a dog -- a beagle. She was adopted from the local shelter several years back, and she's old, about 13. Gertie has some aches and pains and other issues that come with age, but like many of us humans, she tries to live life to the fullest, in denial that she's not still a young pup.

Gertie is wise and ambitious, and loves to eat ("highly food motivated" is how the vet puts it). She sleeps a lot but still finds time to play and get into trouble.

The vets c
an tell that Gertie has been a mother MANY times (before we adopted her). To this day, if we put her stuffed animals in the basket to wash, she lifts them out one by one and carries them back to her bed. Like all good mothers, and a beagle to boot, "Gertie's Nose Knows..." a thing or two about life.

I'd like to think I know more than a dog, even Gertie. So together, we'd like to share a few of our thoughts and experiences (and secrets) through our Blog.

First things first... Gertie's gotta eat!

As a senior girl, who needs a little extra something to keep my bladder in shape, my vet prescribes Hill's Prescription Diet, c/d for Canines. It's delicious and nutritious! Hills makes prescription foods for dog and cats with all kind of special needs.
Learn more about Hill's Prescription Pet Foods: http://www.hillspet.com/hillspet/products/prescriptionDiet/prescriptionDiet.hjsp?FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=1408474395183765&FOLDER%3C%3EbrowsePath=1408474395183765&bmUID=1227214130140

Here's a few of my favorite snacks...
Get a FRE
E SAMPLE from Greenies -- http://www.greenies.com/en_US/Freesample/?Product_ID=
CHECKUPS help my teeth. Send feedback for a chance to win FREE bag -- http://www.checkupstreats.com/survey/

Pup Corn is lite -- low fat, low cal to keep me trim (no easy task) -- http:/

One of my absolute favorites is REAL POPCORN for dogs (that you can share with your human).... Bow Wow popcorn!

[It's true -- it's made of human grade ingredients -- and it tastes really good.]

Other sources for FREE STUFF for pets:
Including: Free Pedigree food for adopting a dog, Free dog shampoo, Free cat chow (I have cat siblings -- I'm not selfish) and more.

Want even more? Search Google [
"free sample" dog] or ["free sample" cat]
Thanks for stopping by.

[PLEASE NOTE: the above listed websites and/or products are not endorsed by this Blog. Though we've used the products mentioned, every pet has different preferences and health needs. Please use you own judgment or consult your vet.]