Saturday, April 18, 2009

Earth Day in HOLLYWOOD 2009 -- Pt 1

PART 1 — "Gertie" Connects with
"Sir Winston" in New York

BACKGROUND: You may not know this, but I am a VERY special dog. My tendency to rustle up my bedding and occasionally (ok, frequently) pee where I sleep may be frustrating or even annoying to some, but to my mumma, it is one of my most endearing qualities. When I wet the bed, mumma jumps up and down waving her arms as if she were dancing. Then, she sweeps me up, carries me to the door and sets me out on the patio so I don't have to tackle the big step and hurt my back. She even cheers me on in a big voice while I stroll to the back yard.

Until a year and a half ago, mumma would wash my entire bed almost every day or two until it got lumps or fell apart. Then she would rush out and buy a new bed for me -- almost every month. Often, we'd have more than one bed, because those stuffed/foam beds took a few days to air-dry and I need support and comfort when I sleep! But then, I got the best bed EVER ... soft, supportive, conforming to my body so I don't need to fluff it up. Best of all, mumma MADE IT -- JUST for ME and even named it after me ... "Gertie Gear™" pet air beds.

Mumma is not only smart, but is a creative designer as well. She's always on the computer with the apple on it. Mmmm, apples are yummy, especially the "pink lady" apples mumma gets from the market. Oh, sorry, I got off track. What's even better about my air bed is that there are fashionable fabric covers for it -- lots of colors, designs and fabrics. Mumma changes them often, in a flash, and throws them in the basket for laundry day.
Anyway, about a month ago, mumma was checking her email and found a note from Sir Winston's (Boston Terrier) mumma in the great state of New York. A few emails and phone calls back and forth, and an introduction to Brina's (French Bulldog) mumma in glittery L.A., and my "Gertie Gear™" pet air beds are going HOLLYWOOD! Wahoo!!!

That's right!!!! Gertie Gear air beds made the “A-list” for Distinctive Assets’ “Earth Day in Hollywood — Go Green!” gift bags, presented to some of the most eco-conscious celebrities.

As spokesdog and inspiration for the air bed design, I'm proud to share the style and comfort of my line of beds with the following celebrities and their pets: Drew Barrymore and Flossie, Ellen DeGeneres and her lovely pack, Jake Gyllenhaal’s Boo and Atticus, Eva Longoria and Jinxie, Bill Maher who has two rescues, Kathy Griffin’s Chance and Pom Pom, Ricky Martin’s many dogs, Jeremy Piven’s Bulldog, Alicia Silverstone and her rescues, and Sting’s Sniggers, and MORE!

I hope the celebrities and their humans like the beds! I wouldn't trade mine for the world! Well of course they'll like them. Lots of my friends, and even strangers like them … cousins "Angel" (Schnauzer) and "Harry" (Golden Retriever), and "Achilles" (Pomeranian) next door. Why, that nice lady in Australia wants four of them. And I can't forget that cute mitten-handed feline, "Muffin." Even our favorite vet bought one for "Blaze." And if they DO like them it could mean big things … lots of Gertie Gear air beds for LOTS of dogs and cats all over. Most importantly, THAT means more special treats for me! We have to tell everyone!!!!

Good thing I have "The Dude" (Yorkie) on my side. His mumma works in PR, (that's biz speak for public relations). She know's what to do to get people talkin'! Meanwhile, I gotta get mumma off that computer, and making more beds!!! Aaarrroooo! Wish me luck!!!

Veterinarians agree that Gertie Gear air beds provide orthopedic benefits. Dr. Cox, DVM of Southpointe Veterinary Hospital of Allen Park, MI, an accredited member of the AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) says, “I would recommend the bed, especially for senior pets. I even bought one for my own dog.”

SUSTAINABLE (Earth & Animal Friendly): Gertie Gear air beds hold their shape and support — they don't compress/decompose like most other beds. They take less energy to maintain and clean — usually just wash the slipcover. Commercial quality thread, zippers and elastic make them longer lasting. Many of the fabrics used are made of cotton or other natural fibers. All covers, including the protective canvas, are machine-washable and hand-crafted in Michigan by American workers.

Gertie Gear supports the efforts of Animal Rescue New Orleans (ARNO), an all-volunteer organization formed by first-responders after Katrina, in their continued commitment to homeless animals and humans in the area who cannot provide for their pets, by pledging $1 for each air bed set (and select fashion covers) sold — campaign launches on Earth Day, April 22, 2009.

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