Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Shine A Light on small biz. AMEX sponsored -- up to $100,000 in grants. Please vote for Gertie Gear.

PLEASE help me out -- take a couple minutes to register, then endorse (vote for) my small biz Gertie Gear in the AMEX Shine A Light contest.
The link to my profile/nomination story:

Top 3 finalists get $10,000 grant (determined by judges).
Winner gets $50k grant + $50k marketing support (by vote in the second round).
Endorsements for the first round are DUE by SEPT 13

If you have trouble with the site, there are some helpful tips below.


When you go to my story endorsement page, and click the ENDORSE button, it should look like this:

After you click the word "register" (or "login" if already registered),
fill in all of the required info,
check the "I accept..." box,
enter the characters shown to prove you are a human, not a computer,
then click SUBMIT button to save it,
(you should now be registered)

Finally, back on my page, again click the ENDORSE button -- it should change to this:
If you see this, it's done!!!

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